Sunday August 11, 2019

Celebration Sunday/Annual Meeting

We had a great time together this past Sunday as we Celebrated God’s Faithfulness.  Our morning service included Victor and Lori Selemani, our missionaries to Mozambique, sharing about their ministry and Victor brought a message out of John 17:1-5 challenging us to Share The Good News of Jesus each and every day.
We voted on the proposed Budget for 2017 and on two Deacon positions; Jason Brown and Steve Groseth.  The budget and both Deacons were approved.
The highlight of the meeting was during the Building Fund report.  Brian Fite shared:  “Building Update On January 1, 2017, there was $321.54 left on the facility to completely pay it off.   Now it has been paid off so CBC is debt free. We’d like to take this moment to burn the promissory note drafted on January 4 of 2015. Burning of the Promissory Note.”  
So we burned the Promissory Note and CBC is Debt Free!!!  
Praise the Lord!!!

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