Update from CBC Board 3/17/2020

Greetings Calvary!  

Just wanted to send along some info to folks of what’s going on at CBC and the community…  

Remember Dave and Patricia, as today is surgery day (in it right now at 11:30am) and pray continually as you go about your day.  

The board met this morning and because of the government recommendation of no gatherings of 10 or more folks, we will NOT be having attendance at the next 2 Sunday morning services.  We may extend it if need be but will let you know.  I (Brian) will live stream the message from Acts 27 (March 22) and 28 (March 29) at the church and will also provide some worship videos to go along with that.  So, you can tune in to that from Calvary’s webpage. You can find it here: https://plattecalvarybaptist.com/live.  I know this is extremely difficult to be separate, but this is just a season and let it make us long to want to be together, even more, when we have that ability.  At some point, God will say this virus has been around long enough and He will intervene by His Spirit or through the people who he has gifted in medical ways.  

Offering.  I know there is real potential for things to be tight financially for some, but if you can give, please do so.  You can send checks to the church address: PO Box 116.      

Beginning this week, Community Lenten services will be moved to a live webcast at 7pm each Sunday.  This week, Pastor Drew Hoekema will be webcast from CRC and preaching from Matthew 27:46.  I will have more details about how to access this webcast later.  

Awana will follow what is done at the school, so next week there is NO school so there is also NO Awana and NO Youth Group as well.  If you are following the respective Facebook pages, you will know what’s going on.  Some may not have Facebook, so I’ll try to relay what I know.  

For anyone who doesn’t want to go out to get supplies
, please let one of the board members know and we’d love to help in any way we can.  If a job loss is creating difficulties, please let one of the board members know and we will try to help in any way we can.  These moments are exactly what the church is for, so let the bride of Christ shine by leaning on one another when you need it.  No need is so great or small that something can’t be done.  Remember there is also a Food Pantry and a board member can make a run for you if need be.  

We have a God who has no limits and so let’s embrace Him during this time.  

We’ll continue to be in touch…  
Blessings CBC  

CBC Board