Presentation of pastoral license to

Brian Fite & Kurt Brink

AWANA Roller Skating Party 2019-2020

AWANA Hayride & Bonfire 2019-2020


AWANA “Fun Fair” 2019-2020 Kickoff



Fun Fair Photo Booth 2019-2020



  AWANA Duct Tape Night 2018-2019

20181114_[4] 20181114_[6] 20181114_[5]


AWANA “Fun Fair” 2018-2019





AWANA  “Blue Hat Crew”fullsizeoutput_9c0


2017-2018 Roller Skating Party

Roller Skate G Roller Skate L Roller Skate E Roller Skate C

Roller Skate H (2) Roller Skate M (2) Roller Skate Ss (2) Roller Skate Zz

Roller Skate R (2) Roller Skate Xx (2) Roller Skate O (2)


January 2017

Burning Mortgage for Current Sanctuary

DSCN2552 DSCN2551 img_3035

img_3039 img_3032 img_3033



AWANA 2017



2014 Christmas Program

DSC_0494 (2) DSC_0498 (2) (1) DSC_0498 (2) DSC_0504 (2) image4A5FCF5D-B8A5-4FCA-82EC-027F5D4B5E6E image17531083-4312-4A9D-9BEF-2D6BB0B9EF7F imageF40DFF13-4F7E-4413-8D0E-817B2134DF3D DSC_0475 (2)



AJ and Klare Backes Commissioning Service






Cook-Off Fun

Platte Calvary Baptist Calvary Baptist of Platte, South Dakota Platte Calvary Baptist of Platte, South Dakota

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