Teens Encounter Christ

Do you know any teens who would like to be treated to a weekend of learning about Jesus?  Do you know any teens that could learn more about how Jesus is able to help us through our struggles in life?  Do you know any teens who are ready for a weekend with lots of fun and fellowship? The students need to be completing their Freshman year through completing their senior year. We invite teens from the surrounding area. Find the applications on line at movalleytec.org or talk to Shawn Wynia 680-2244 or Dan Daum 680-1572. The weekend is scheduled for May 31 through June 2 and will be held at Trinity Lutheran Church in Platte. We are also in need of adults to do prayer throughout the weekend and to cover security at night.  If you are willing to do either of these call Shawn Wynia at 680-2244 and leave her a message.

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